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I wish I could do an advert for the gorilla glass screen protector. I am an absolute butter fingers, and I have cracked a few screens in my day. I decided I needed to do EVERYTHING to protect my phone. (because they aren't cheap.) I don't have a super cute case anymore. I have a bad-ass gonna protect shit at all costs case. (it IS orange so hey a bit of color.) And then I spent a few quid on the screen protector which has tempered glass. Well the other day I dropped my phone -once again. (and from a pretty short distance onto the fucking tiled floor we have in our kitchen and laundry room.) And I saw the cracks and thought, "yep, I fucked shit up again." But the cracks looked a bit different and I began to wonder... was that the screen protector? Maybe I didn't mess up my screen. I had a look and holy cow my screen was all right. The best part is that the original protect was two for the price of one. HELL YEAH! Popped the new one on, and then ordered another couple just to be safe.
Best money ever spent.
Butterfingers rides another day!

The kids had World Book Day dress up at school. Senor Onion decided to go as one of the children from "The Midnight Gang" for two reasons. One he had assorted injuries and bruises from falling on his face, and two he could wear his pajamas and dressing gown to school. Which to him is the ideal life situation. I like how he thinks. Miss Biscuit decided to go as Marigold the Unicorn from "Phoebe and her Unicorn." She TOLD me she had it figured out. She just needed help with a tail. She wore some sparkly clothes, and a favorite necklace. She has her unicorn headband. I put her hair in a high pony-tail and added some decorations to look like a mane. I got out some other material and made her a multi-colored tail. and then added some polka-dots to her face. (She was going as Marigold in Razzle-Dazzle Unicorn, so there was more color involved.) She was PSYCHED!

Tomorrow Mr. Jenner leaves for his yearly work trip to the states. It will be me and the kids for a week. We will eat pizza, have milkshakes and have ourselves a time. We will miss him of course. Loads. But we will lay about like slugs with our pizza.
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