Jan. 3rd, 2017

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I have lived in the UK for four and a half years. On Sunday, I ordered a lamp from Habitat. I do believe my slow descent into middle class white British person (who reads the Guardian, and can pronounce hygge) is nearly complete. Someone needs to tell me what the final steps are? Do I have to go on holiday to a certain place? Or do I have to have a child called Caius or Vera? How about I just claim my children are called Thor and Tamsin. That would probably satisfy someone.
The lamp is all part of my effort to make the living room a little bit brighter. Sure those adorable Danish like low cozy lights, but I am on a mission to stay slightly sane in the grey months. I have my light box, but I want as much light as possible. I told Mr. Jenner, "My great desire is for nothing but old school hundred million watt bulbs. Maybe even brighter. I want it to almost feel like the Stasi are about to interrogate me. Well okay maybe not that bright." (but close.)
These so-called environmentally friendly bulbs lose their appeal real quick when it takes forever for them to come on; and over time they slowly lose their brightness. One begins to feel like a mole person.
Yes yes yes I know about different bulbs and I use them when I can. I may keep some fairy lights up for awhile as well. Gonna make it look like a god damn Vegas light display. But with books, and many blankets. And no floor show. Unless you count Miss Biscuit yelling when she is playing a computer game.


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