Jan. 14th, 2017

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Every morning I look out the bedroom window. It looks out on the a huge expanse of pasture where sheep mostly live through-out the year. Right now we are in the stage in the year where every morning a large number of pregnant ewes are let into the field to wander, feed, and wait.
Some mornings I look out and see the affects of another winter storm in the night. As there is very little to protect us from the winds that come off of the sea, the wind hits the house sounding like a train that sees our house as a minor thing to bypass. Some mornings the sky is brilliantly blue, and the frost has been neatly painted on every inch of grass.
This morning I watched as a small red figure was trotting rather cheerfully across the field. A fox! It kept going on at a merry clip as if it had no cares and it knew the way to where it must go. It stopped suddenly to investigate a hole belonging to a rabbit or a stoat. Then I saw a dog in the distance. (sniffing, and doing what dogs do.) And I thought it was odd that the fox hadn't taken notice of the dog. A bit brazen if you ask me. I thought, maybe since I didn't have my glasses on that I had made a mistake and it was a dog after all. But then I saw as the fox turned its head and spotted the hound, and it immediately began to race back from when it had came.


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