Jan. 27th, 2017

too friday

Jan. 27th, 2017 06:51 pm
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Some days I am thrown sideways when I feel myself missing my family in the states. I always slightly miss them but today I missed them a great deal. I haven't seen most of them in at least a year. I am hoping to see my siblings, and my mom this year. I always knew to some degree what I was signing up for when I moved half-way around the world but now and then it hurts a bit more. I text with my sister everyday. I email/fb with my mom everyday. I even talk to my brothers in some form or another about once or twice a week.
I found myself watching an old episode of Mary Tyler Moore, and I felt all verklempt because it made me think of my sister, who is gorgeous, very smart, super sweet, has kind of an early seasons Mary Richards look, and like Mary Richards, she had a Mr. Grant kind of boss who gave her a chance on a job. Man I am proud of my sister. She is much younger than me, so I have always been crazy protective of her and possibly her biggest fan (besides my mom of course) and have always watched what she has done with awe. Still. I miss her a lot. And I keep wishing for teleporters to become a thing. One day.

England you are great but I am sorry.. you aren't as good looking, interesting, and funny as my family. You try. You really do. But this is the truth. But I put up with you. Keep trying. One day you will have great hair, and do excellent impressions of Laura Petrie. One day.

I am going to go and stress eat a thing of chocolate covered marzipan.


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