Feb. 1st, 2017

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Here are some good things about today:
I had my hair done. It looks amazing. I just want the world to know that. Yes that is my natural color. Thank you.
I got to talk to my mom (and she also got to talk to the kids) and that always cheers me up. We kind of skirt around how awful some things are around us, so instead we gave each other suggestions about shows to watch that provide a bit of comfort. Plus we discussed a song we really liked.
I had hot dogs for dinner. (this is what happens when I go grocery shopping while hungry.) They were good. Damn I make great hot dogs.
I went to the local pie shop and had a truly fantastic chicken and tarragon pie. I think they put some kind of drug in those pies, they have no business being that delicious.
I have made some plans to see fun people this month.
I bought some art. Art made by a woman. I can't wait to hang it on the walls. My house has a lot of great art. Sometimes the outside world is too much but at least here inside there is beauty around me.

My son cracked me up tonight at dinner. He was really tired and he said, "The problem with hot dogs is that I have to hold them if I want to eat them." He is looking for some gravity-free hot dogs so they will just appear at his mouth and he can chew.


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