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I just finished creating what is likely the first draft of a new ice cream flavor. (I will have pictures later once things are finished setting up) The inspiration was kind of random. I saw the word darjeeling yesterday and I began to think about the tea and I looked up some piece of information about it. Proper darjeeling tea is grown in west bengal India. I began to think about how it might make for an interesting ice cream -since earl grey ice cream is pretty good, why not this. I began to kind of build from there. It might need a bit of spice and something else. I wanted the ice cream to capture the spirit of a place. I thought cardamom might be good. (commonly used in Bengali cuisine) Plus mango. All of it seemed crazy but I had to make it.

I was looking through all of my tea this morning and thinking, "oh yeah I should buy some darjeeling" when I found a packet of loose-leaf darjeeling. Second flush too. Second flush darjeeling has a pretty intense flavor. (referred to as the champagne of tea) This was such a lovely surprise and maybe says something about my kitchen that I can keep all kinds of things and forget about them. I took the tea and crushed cardamom pods and steeped them in cream and milk for about an hour. I added a little sugar too. I strained it and then tempered some egg yolks and sugar and cooked the custard base until thick enough. Popped that in the fridge to cool. The cardamom flavor could have been stronger and the darjeeling flavor was smoky and intense.

Later on I melted down a bit of sugar and added chopped mango and coated the mango. It was a sort of caramel and mango thing. I slowly added a bit of butter to help keep things soft. It ended up being a little more jam-like so I will mess about with that the next time I make this. I was kind of inspired by a dish I read about that is mango with burnt sugar.

Then I churned up the custard base and when it was nearly complete I added the caramel mango bit. Now things are firming up in the freezer. The complete flavor is kind of crazy. You have the cardamom citrus scent and then you get this sweet smoky tea flavor and then bits of mango that kind of makes things clean.

I call this ice cream, "Taste of Bengal".


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