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Yesterday I was really proud of myself. I got through the day with only one bout of crying. yeah I was somewhat suicidal but I got through the day and I got things done.
I went to my GP this morning and said, "Help!" At first she asked if I had tried CBT and I laughed and explained that I use it A LOT, and I am white-knuckling it during those days when I am using it like mad. I explained in detail how long I have been tracking these mood swings, when they show up, how they manifest, and why I don't need an SSRI, but something to help with regulating my hormones. So we are beginning with some good old fashioned birth control pills. It is a combined pill -which is much more likely to help with the wicked PMDD. She said, "if it doesn't work come back immediately and we will try something else. And hey if you want to skip a period you can do that. Go right to the next pack."

Then I went and ate a meat pie. I kept me full most of the day. I made tacos and then we had pancakes (American style ones, and crepe ones.) with loads of toppings on offer. I was still feeling rather raw today but again I got things done. I cleaned out the fish tank, I did laundry, I tidied here and there, and began working on another story.

We got a call today that Senor Onion had fallen over at school and ate the asphalt. They said his injuries weren't super bad but they felt like it should be my call to take him to the minor injuries unit. I went and had a look at him and he was a mess. His poor beautiful face. He had bumped into another kid, and fell RIGHT on his face. His nose was bloody and bruised, his lip was busted, his hands and knees were bloody. It was a sight. Nothing appeared to be broken, there were not any obvious signs of concussion, and his nose had stopped bleeding. I took him home, gave him some ibuprofen, bundled him on the sofa, and we watched a tv show together. He will likely end up with a black eye or two, and the lip swelling has gone down. Thankfully his face is still pretty. It was nice to have a bit of cuddle time with him.

Then??? I had parent teacher consults this afternoon. Those are always stressful for me. "How have I messed up my children this time???" But they went pretty well. Senor Onion remains a smarty marty when it comes to math, reading, science, and most subjects. (This kid is soooooooooooo damn gooooood at math is really leaves me in awe. Math was such an anxious subject for me and for him it seems so easy. His teacher did say that he HATES it when he gets the rare question wrong. It just makes him go a little mad. He wants to be absolutely perfect. I do not know where that comes from.) He is a bit... unenthusiastic when it comes to writing. He does the bare minimum. And I get that. When he is passionate/interested in a subject he gives it his total energy and devotion. He is getting better at handling some of his emotions. (he has been working with an aide in this one program and I have noticed a massive difference in how he relates to people, and his observations about what is going on with other people. He really pays attention.) His teacher seems to like him a lot. I will be sorry to see her go.

Miss Biscuit is a sponge for knowledge. The teacher remarked that Miss Biscuit always has perfect punctuation and spelling in her writing. Somehow Miss Biscuit knows how to do all this stuff that they haven't even taught her to do yet. My guess (and the teacher agreed with me) was that Miss Biscuit does a huge amount of reading, and has absorbed a lot of information. (this is the same kid who taught herself to read, and it took me awhile to notice it. "Oh...yeah... look at what you can do.") They are doing a lot to help keep Miss Biscuit challenged. The teacher also said that while Miss Biscuit is a really clever kid, she does day dream, and then ends up missing directions. When that kid is on, she is ON. She is super enthusiastic about science, math, and telling/writing stories.

This was a bit of good news.
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