Jan. 8th, 2017

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I went running after a few days of not running. (Weather, scheduling, grueling SAD. The usual excuses in January.) I discovered that my zip on my fleece is falling apart. Time to consider a new jacket as this one is slowly going home to the great closet in the sky. It was a freebie from an earlier incarnation of my husband's job. I stole borrowed it from my husband when I first began running because I wasn't sure if this was going to be an abandoned folly and I didn't want to invest too much in things. (other than the shoes. It stuck, as did the jacket. It was THE jacket I wore while running. The leggings and shirt have changed here and there, as have the shoes. But the jacket remained. Now that jacket would like to take a bow.
I began to peruse the jackets out there. People also have a lot of opinions about such things. I know what my needs are, and they are simple. Zips, pockets, and keeps my upper body/neck warm so that those particular muscles don't act up. Oh and visible so people in cars can see me. (especially when it is foggy out -like this morning.)
Tempted by a cheap ebay number because they do free text embroidery and I could have them put, "#resist". A friend suggested "Fuck it" or "Running is for losers". All are appealing. Especially when showing up to the school yard.
Something to contemplate.

It was such a god damn battle to make myself go this morning. "In half an hour. No really... though it is raining." I had to announce to everyone, "I am going. I. AM GOING!" And damn if it didn't help kick some of the SAD right in the kidneys. At least it will for awhile.


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