Jan. 17th, 2017

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Getting through January. Some days the depression is under control, and other days it is a bastard beast. Some days I will have stray thoughts that are equally terrible and funny and I wish I could tell people these thoughts without them looking horrified or becoming worried. I want them to find the humor I can sift out of the awfulness of the moment. At the moment this is what holds me back from seeking therapy. I have these dreams of finding a therapist with the most fantastic sense of humor in the world. I need someone to laugh at the jokes. "If you want to help me get better then you need to show me your list of favorite comedies."
Really I want Carrie Fisher to be my imaginary therapist. Maybe I will just read her books over and over again. Someone who gets the jokes.

In other news as I watch the world burn, I have completely lost all patience with a number of passive people. I have lost all patience with those who voted for brexit. Whatever your reasons, they were terrible no good reasons and I am really really really angry that you have really fucked with the lives of so many people. I get it, you are mad but you got played once again by those in power. And you will always be played because you think you can win at shell games. Stop playing their shell games and you might not get so fucked. If you want to fuck up your finances? Fine. But I wish you hadn't fucked with mine. To all the people who voted third party or for Trump? Fuck you too. You are fucking things good and proper for a lot of innocent people. You picked out your very own piece of shit stooge who is controlled by the Russians. Good work. May you all get chronic rashes that aren't covered by any insurance company. Actually to be a little more fair and kind, the biggest fuck you of all goes towards the electoral college. But fuck those members and those voters who have too much power. May they only get sleeves of ritz crackers that are broken up into small pieces.

As for everyone else? I like you a lot. You are good looking and interesting and I would always invite you to my home for tea and cake and sarcasm. But the rest of you can eat your dry cake, and your badly made macaroni salad at the shitty potluck where the only vegetarian options are white bread and butter.


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