Apr. 5th, 2017

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Dealing with the UK home office is a mildly frustrating experience in the best of times. We are renewing the passports for the kids, and because they are dual citizens we are asked to send in their non-UK passport as well as their UK passport. But then on the same god damn website it says you can send in a photo-copy. Maybe. No one is really sure. No one at the home office is ever really sure of anything. And then we are attempting to fill out the rest of the form and for some god damn reason they want to know information about both sets of grandparents of said children. This is a renewal form. Wouldn't this information be on file at this point? Shouldn't a renewal form be straight-forward? It just feels a few shades of hinky.
Then there is the business of getting photos countersigned by a middle class British person with the right sort of job. And again this is a renewal... shouldn't information be on file. It is essentially having to apply for a passport from scratch every single god damn time. Fuck you Theresa May and your time at the Home Office as a peddler of motherfucking fascism and hate. And fuck you now as a shady worthless PM who kisses up to those fuckos in Saudi Arabia while bitching about Easter Eggs and ignoring what is going on in Syria.
I have feelings on this subject.

At least getting the photos countersigned was a pleasant experience. I know someone who is a registered translator (counts as a person of good standing) and our kids go to school together. So I came over for tea, Senor Onion played with her daughter, and I brought cookies. It was most civilized. Also she lent me some really cool comic books she got from a friend who runs a comics shop in Normandy. We talked about schools, travel, languages, books, and "Fucking Brexit". (That is now Brexit's official title. Fucking Brexit.) Senor Onion who is usually bored pretty easily had a dandy time helping his friend work on her den. They found some bricks, cleaned them up a bit and began to work on the foundation. Like Minecraft but in real life. I love his friend because she is this wonderfully confident girl, and just so comfortable in her own skin. He was almost reluctant to go home. I am so pleased he had some fun in the sun.

Miss Biscuit remains listless and has this cough that won't go anywhere. It showed up rather suddenly last week. It has meant a low-key Easter holiday break so far. I think if this keeps up I will take her to the doctor and see if there is some kind of infection going on. (she mentioned pain around her lungs this evening.) At least the weather has been rather lovely as of late. It makes running an almost cheerful experience. The other day when I was out, I had to run against the wind for half of my usual run but the light kind of made me forget about a lot of difficulties. The run back was down-right perfect and my mind drifted so much, it was a surprise to find myself back at home.


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